While building a house, there are a lot of decisions to be made, so deciding between a solo or double floor plan would have been at the forefront. Budget, lifestyle choices and land suitability, all lead to the final decision that you make. Adding a double storey has many perks, like space. Full rooms for homes, living spaces, outdoor parts, studies and safety. By moving up, you are optimizing the footprint of your new home, instead of chewing off land from the front or back yards. When deciding between a single or double storey houses, choose the best style to fit your requirements. You want to maximize your property’s livability so that it becomes a spot that you love coming home to spending time. And the amount of facilities you’ll add to your investment, the more worth it will give to your house.

Potential investment return and rent rates are important factors that add in, with two storey homes providing distinct advantages and drawing different kinds of people.

Wherever you want to live or invest the design of the house you are designing will have a major impact. Excluding neighborhoods and areas tend to have larger blocks more suited for single storey homes. But if you want to get closer to the city and all it has to bring, the typically smaller block sizes prefer a two storey home as it still provides enough space for a backyard or outdoor area.

Rental properties near central business districts and shopping centers continue to be common because customers like to be close to work and places with facilities like gyms, malls, restaurants and bars. It may be better to buy a smaller block in an extremely desirable, more expensive area, and thus harder to rent or sell. Study different neighborhoods carefully before making the final decision as to where you plan to develop.

Two storey floor plan designs will take advantage of the huge opportunities that you get from the separated floors. Whereas the floor plans of single storey homes are comparatively small, a whole variety of different designs are possible when you want to go with a double storey.

For example, the architecture can be improved on so you have two semi-contained levels, which is perfect for large families. Customers often frequently choose to have their living spaces upstairs to take full advantage of the look and sun.

If your land has a good outlook, then there’s a wonderful opportunity to build a house on a double storey to highlight your scenery and bring value to your property. Building up will also help you to make the most of catching direct sunlight and allow you more space to contribute positively to your property value if you choose to sell or rent extra bedrooms and bathrooms.

Also a double storey design leaves a lot of room for a lush patio, alfresco region, and perhaps even a pool. If you have children or pets, a backyard may be a decisive factor in choosing a home design, or it may be a primary concern if you love enjoying an alfresco environment. Plus, you don’t really need a big block to have a big backyard, as two-level homes will offer you not just more ground space, but more yard space on the same block than a single-level house can.

Single storey houses are typically less costly to build, but it doesn’t require twice the price of a double storey house. The gap can be as high as just 10 or 15 per cent. Also, the idea that two storey houses can be constructed on smaller and more accessible sites cancels the gap between overall cost of buying and construction. So if you put a little extra investment in your property, you can easily make it worth the hassle.

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